Changing Pastimes. What are you willing to lose? HastingsMovie.com

What happens when how we consume entertainment changes so drastically, what happens to us all…when we trade convenience for isolation…?

As time has gone on, this movie evolved into our first feature-length documentary about the shift in entertainment with video and music, from going out to places like your local video rental (Hastings) store, to most of it being online now and how that affects everybody… how we’re now trading convenience for isolation…


We were very sad to hear about Hastings closing and wanted to take this last opportunity to look back at all the good memories.  We wanted to celebrate the history of Hastings as a cultural icon.
Founded in 1968, Hastings Entertainment Superstore was a national multimedia entertainment retailer that combined the sale of new and used books, movies, video games, CDs, vinyl, graphic novels, and comics. They also carried action figures, electronics, and offered movie and video game rentals in a superstore format.

Hastings was actually one of my first jobs, way back in high school and college, and I really loved being even a small part of the film industry. From those humble beginnings to now making my living as a filmmaker, I’m grateful to Hastings and want to give a #ShoutOut to store #9851

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